Recommended Reading List For All Executives


Job Search, Networking and Career Related

1) "This is NOT the Position I Accepted - Executive recruiters reveal the inside secrets to reducing your time is search." Brad Remillard and Barry Deutsch. A step-by-step workbook on conducting an effective and efficient job search. How to avoid the common mistakes and land mines many candidates step on.

2) "Mojo" Marshall Goldsmith How to get it build it and keep it.  Mojo refers to when you are "clickin" and at the Top of your Game!

3) "100/0 Principle" Al Ritter How to build and maintain powerful relationships

4) "Lynchpin" Seth Godin How to be a "make it happen" kinda person and how to be indispensable.  

5) "The Unemployed Millionaire"  Matt Morris  Fire your Boss, escape the Rat Race and Live Life on your Terms

6) "The New Job Search" Molly Wendell  Don't waste time/weeks/months following the old job search "rules".


HIring and Leadership Related

1) Your're NOT the Person I Hired -  A CEOs Guide To Hiring Top Talent.   Over 10,000 copies are in the hands of CEOs and Key Executives. This describes a hiring process on overcoming the 10 biggest mistakes companies make in the hiring process. The research project that identified these 10 mistakes is inculed in the book.


General Business and Economy

1) "The Great Reset"   Richard Florida Compares todays Economic challenges to the Great Depressions of the 1870's and 1930's.  Great research and encouraging look at the Future, new ways of working and living.

2) "The Next 100 Years" George Friedman Look out into the Future and why the 21st Century will be the American Century, far different from the negative predictions so prevalent today.