AASE Speaker's Handouts


Even if you can't make the meeting, you can still take advantage of the speakers. If a speaker will allow us to distribute their PowerPoint slides or handouts they will be posted here for you to download.


Tim Tyrell-Smith

presented on the importance of using blogging as job search strategy. This is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate your potential to a new employer. To learn more about how to start blogging download Tim's presentation. CLICK HERE to download

Patsy Cisneros

is an expert at helping executives make a strong presentation. Few things in a interview are more important the making an outstanding presentation. Your presentation and body language can often be the deciding factor tipping the decision in your direction. Candidates way too often under estimate the power of a strong presentation and body language. CLICK HERE to receive Patsy's handout.

Julie LaCroix

helps you find the hidden job market. As a former recruiter and now a respected career coach she works with executives one-on-one naviigate through a job search. Most candidates really don't engage the "REAL" hidden job markert. Julie's presentation breaks down where the hidden job market is, how you can tap into with an "investigative mind," and how much time should you spend networking versus other more productive activites. This program really gives you the opportunity to find the jobs others never will. CLICK HERE to download this PowerPoint.

VIc Hausmaninger Partner HBLA CPA's

Tax planning for 2010 is a complicated issue. There are numerous strategies available depending on law changes, IRA account conversion and corporations .Vic does an excellent job highlighting these areas so you understand exactly what will impact you or the company you work for. 2011 will be even more impactful. CLICK HERE to download this presentation and see how your taxes will be impacted.

Henry DeVries

Closing America's Job Gap is a book written by Herny in 2010. The book sounds the alarm about America’s job gap, the disparity between the good jobs being created by innovation and the lack of U.S. workers with the right job skills. His presenetation discuss the impact the economy has on American jobs, some additional positive affects this job market is having on people and where jobs will be created in the future. NOTE: Be sure and read the notes section on each slide.  CLICK HERE to download this presentation


Brad Remillad

4 Ways Candidates Shoot Themselves In The Foot.  Discover the 4 things that candidates need to work on to help them conduct an effective search. Also, see the results of a survey as to what candidates do that negatively impacts their job search. Knowing these 4 things and why candidates conduct an ineffective search will help you. CLICK HERE