AASE Testimonials
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What do our AASE members
think of the organization?
"Resume writing and interviewing skills were never on the 'to do' list during my career. The AASE gave me a new foundation from which to learn these skills and compete in an unfamiliar, new and challenging marketplace. I thank you."
Barry Webster, President

"Your meetings, members and information have been a tremendous learning experience and I will never stop networking. Good luck to you and all the AASE members."
Michael Page, COO

"As an employed member about to go into transition, there is tremendous value of the organization to me. The value that one receives while working and the contribution is an important reminder that all of us need to be working all the time."
Jim Leoneti, CFO

"The AASE has provided a formal networking opportunity not available elsewhere. My network has expanded within my own discipline of Human Resources as well as Finance, Engineering, Operations, Marketing and General Management. Every month a new program or presentation is offered that has immediate value to all "C" level executives."
Kevin Coleman, Vice President Human Resources.

"I want to thank you for your roles in facilitating the AASE. I made a number of very valuable contacts through the AASE, and have definitely taken to heart the lesson that I need to network for the rest of my life."
Naom Raggins, Internal Consultant, CISCO

"Thanks so much for the feedback; AASE friends like you, Jim, Brad, Steve and Mark went out of their way to critique/edit/improve my struggling attempts with this cover letter. It is a testimony to the AASE and those in the AASE that really care!!"
Bruce Steever, CFO

"I wanted to personally thank you for your help and support through these past few months. The AASE group is a great organization where I met many new friends and contacts. I plan to stay active and will continue to attend whenever possible."
Gary Calvaneso, General Manager

"The AASE is the best tutor for learning how to network I have encountered. The process not only works but you end up knowing a great bunch of talented people."
Rich Kain, President

"AASE has allowed me to leverage the membership to get referrals to executive recruiters who would normally not take my telephone call. I have had several interviews as a result and made myself more visible to recruiters actively working on placements."
Blair Jockers, CIO

"I was surprised at the quantity of alternatives for networking when I first started my job search. I realized quickly that to manage my time and efforts best I need to select the most appropriate and valuable group that catered to my experience, interests and needs. AASE meets both the short-term need for employment leads, and the long-term wants of building and maintaining a successful network."
David Wells, CFO

"For me, the group was the source of real inspiration, contacts and a wealth of knowledge on how to do things the "right way" after I had made too many mistakes in the past."
Mark Olson, CFO

"After being employed 17 years with the same organization, searching for a new position proved daunting. With the help of SENF I was able to establish a quality network that I am using today after finding my current position."
Ralph Heimann, CFO