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American Association of Senior Executives
The American Association of Senior ExecutivesTM (AASE) has been assisting senior executives with their careers since 1999. It has been instrumental in providing resources, contacts and workshops for senior executives who recognize that in the 21st century, developing and improving one's career doesn't stop once employed. Networking accounts for 70% of the new positions executives locate. Those who maintain and grow their networks locate new positions 50% faster than those who must rebuild them once they are in a search mode.

The semi-monthly AASE meetings provide executives with an environment that fosters networking, speakers who enhance leadership skills, and access to contacts and resources regardless of where they are in their career's life cycle.

The AASE is sponsored and funded by a select group of companies that provide a variety of professional services and networking contacts for its members. The association encourages all members to contact these sponsors for information on how their services can assist them to advance their careers. In addition, AASE encourages members to return the effort and consider the sponsors' services as their needs arise.

Membership in the AASE requires sponsorship, meeting the requirements outlined in the "Becoming a Member" section, and approval by the membership committee.

Our Membership
AASE members are senior executives with experience in a wide variety of industries and organizations. These companies include major global companies.

AASE Membership Diversity by Executive Position